3. get participants

4. Camera + take pictures

5. SEnd us your pictures!

1. get Chalk

2. get permission to draw on a  designated area

how to Host

chalk for change!

Chalk for Change is Project Anti-Bully's very first anti-bullying campaign. Created in 2010, Chalk for Change has been dedicated to Phoebe Prince, a fifteen-year-old freshman from South Hadley High School in Massachusetts who committed suicide. Phoebe had experienced a severe amount of  bullying by a group of six teenagers in her high school. Chalk for Change is a unique and creative way to allow participates (students and adults) to therapeutically engage with their imagination and demonstrate their personal perceptions of bullying through the use of chalk. Why chalk? Chalk is easy, colorful, cheap, washable, and FUN

Draw out how YOU see bullying!


chalk for change