1.  Download and print PAB's "Define It" template  OR  you can use plain paper!

2. On the paper write how YOU define bullying or cyerbullying.

3. SAY CHEESE! Take a photo of your poster and send it to PAB! 


One of the biggest Challenges to bullying is the word itself. The term "bullying" is generally associated only with adolescence. BUT individuals of all ages around the world experience it daily. Bullying affects everyone either directly or indirectly. It is important that we raise awareness of the different forms that bullying takes on because each experience is individualized. 

Define It was created in 2013 and dedicated to Amanda Todd who was a fifteen-year-old Canadian teenager who committed suicide. She posted a YouTube video explaining her bullying situation in school and her story went viral through the Internet.  Define It has become a viral anti-bullying campaign that has been implemented in more than 15+ countries. 

How do you define bullying? 


fight bullying in  3 simple steps