Direct all participants to paint the palms of their hands. 
Press handprints on posters, papers, or a designated area.

Hosts can choose to go paper free and just take pictures of the participants painted hands. During the event take photos of the participants painting and the event and send them to us!

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Posters, papers, or an area to place handprints on.
A camera send us your pictures

what you need!

 Hands for Courage is an artistic way to encourage participates (students and adults) to utilize paint and hand prints to exemplify their stance against bullying. Participants create posters or take photos of their colorful handprints to demonstrate their collaborated effort to pledge against bullying. The use of paint is fun and washable, therefore being the perfect material for students to engage with of all ages. standing up for change doesn’t require physical violence and that they can make a difference by voicing their voice. Project Anti-Bully stresses that students should raise awareness not anger. We encourage students to “raise” their hand when standing up for change rather than raising fists. Fight bullying with paint!


Hands for Courage was created in 2010 and dedicated to Megan Meier, a thirteen-year-old American teenager from Dardenne Prairie who committed suicide, Missouri who was cyberbullied on a MySpace fraudulent account. 





Hands for courage

How to host!