​​Fabianna Pergolizzi is the CEO and Founder of Project Anti-Bully.

Fabianna is an attorney living within Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. Fabianna is graduated from Temple University Beasley School of Law at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2016 and received her Juris Doctor (J.D.). In 2013, she graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor in Arts (B.A.) in Psychology.

Fabianna was raised in Naples, Florida where she attended The Community School of Naples for high school. Her own personal experience with bullying and cyberbullying during her teen years motivated and encouraged Fabianna to found Project Anti-Bully. Fabianna had conducted a national community based study to find the prevalence of bullying within the United States and found a shocking 82.7% of students reporting that bullying happens daily within their school.

​She then created "Project Anti-Bully" in 2006, which was originally an online support forum for victims of bullying who were seeking relief and advice. She presented her research at the American Psychiatric Association, British Psychological Association, American Psychological Association and The Scientific International Honor Society, Sigma Xi. At the age of 16, Fabianna was recognized as the youngest presenter in APA's 160-year history. She is listed as the first author of four peer-reviewed publications in journals including The Journal of Medicine, Journal of School Violence, International Journal of Adolescence Health, and The Georgetown Undergraduate Journal of Health Science

Since its foundation Project Anti-Bully has expanded to 27+ countries and has over 500+ members of all demographics. All four of the anti-bullying campaigns been implemented in schools and communities across the world. PAB has developed business partnerships with organizations, corporations, and companies worldwide. Fabianna is responsible for advising Project Anti-Bully's Board of Trustees, hiring interns, implementing anti-bullying campaigns, and expanding its global network. 

In 2013, Fabianna was recognized as one of the "World's Experts On Bullying" by Friend Our World in Singapore, a company sponsored by Microsoft, Skoolbo, and Skype. Fabianna received the Upstander of the Week award from Lee Hirsch, the director of the Sundance and Emmy-Award winning documentary titled Bully.

Fabianna Pergolizzi, Esq.

"When we are preoccupied with fitting in and being accepted, we lose sight of what separated us initially. Embrace your individuality and define yourself."